Content Marketing Career & Salary 2023 Outlook
Work-life satisfaction. Career development. Pay expectations.

The Content Marketing Institute undertook its first-ever career and salary survey this year to assess these topics and more in the state of content marketing careers.

We surveyed more than 1,100 content marketers, and the results reveal eye-opening insights into the aspirations of professional content marketers and the opportunities for companies to more effectively support their careers.
Who should read this report?
Content marketers looking for:
  • Benchmarks on content marketing salaries (see the medians by role, gender, and generation)
  • Guidance on how to forge a career path ahead
  • Direction for where to invest in learning
Team leaders interested in:
  • Advice for hiring top content marketing talent
  • Insights to keep content marketers engaged at work (spoiler: it’s more than just higher pay)
  • Tips to help talented content marketers plot a path forward
Key Highlights
  •  More than half of the content pros who took the survey (56%) told us they’re very or extremely satisfied with their current position.
  • However, 57% told us they plan to find another position within the next year or are unsure about their next steps.
  • Only 1 in 5 content marketers report they have a clear path for advancement inside their current company.
Download the report today for more details and analysis on the career opportunities for content marketers.
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