The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy: 36 Questions to Answer
What is one of the biggest differences between a content marketer who is effective and one who flails? A documented content marketing strategy.

According to our annual content marketing research, those with a documented content marketing strategy are:

  • Far more likely to consider themselves effective at content marketing
  • Far less challenged with every aspect of content marketing
  • Generally more likely to consider themselves more effective with every tactic and social media channel
  • Able to justify a higher percentage of the marketing budget to be spent on content marketing
To find out how to create a documented content strategy, including the 36 questions to ask, download our 16-page guide, The Essentials of a Content Marketing Strategy.

While what you need to document will differ based on your content marketing maturity and the requirements of your organization, this guide will walk you through the process. Not to mention you will also be joining over 200,000 of your peers by subscribing to CMI’s communications.

Download The Essentials of a Documented Content Marketing Strategy guide now and be on your way to being more effective!
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