Content Marketing Career & Salary 2024 Outlook
How much do content marketers make? How is AI affecting careers and compensation? What steps should marketers take to future-proof their skills?

The Content Marketing Institute undertook its second annual career and salary survey this year to assess these topics and more in the state of content marketing careers.

We surveyed more than 1,000 marketers, and the results reveal eye-opening insights on how AI is impacting everything from pay to specialization and even career longevity.
Key Highlights
  • Marketers worry generative AI will devalue their skills: 62% believe writers and editors will earn less respect, 55% predict writing will become commoditized, and 46% fear lower compensation.
  • To stay relevant, content marketers are focusing on areas that AI can’t duplicate: learning how to work with new technologies was the No. 1 skill of interest (48%).
  • Interest in sharpening writing skills is sinking fast: 40% said last year they were interested in honing their writing and editing skills. This year that figure dropped by nearly half to 22%.
  • Just 25% of marketers say there’s a clear path for advancement at their company.
Who should read this report?
Marketers looking for:
  • Benchmarks on content marketing salaries (see the average by role, gender, and generation)
  • Guidance on how to stay relevant in an AI-fueled world
  • Direction for how to future-proof their skill sets
Team leaders interested in:
  • Insights to keep content marketers engaged at work
  • Tips to fix your content marketing career ladder (or start building one)
  • Steps to create an AI road map that addresses the near- and long-term
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