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Knotch is the global leader in content intelligence that enables brands to unlock the true value of their content, connect their content activities to business outcomes, and optimize their content strategy through data-based insights.

The Knotch Content Intelligence Platform consolidates a full range of datasets spanning both owned and paid content channels in a single location, providing a one-stop view and analysis of content activity not available from any other source.

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What is Content Intelligence, And Why Does It Matter?
Explore how content intelligence allows content marketers to make more strategic decisions, connect with their target audience on a deeper level, and prove the value of their work.

Your Guide to Content Measurement
Learn why content leaders and CMOs are struggling to attach their content investments directly to business value and how a new category of technology, content intelligence, is making this possible.

Wells Fargo's Secret Sauce to Increase Content ROI
Kurt Newsom, Marketing Measurement Lead at Wells Fargo, shares how Wells Fargo transformed its content ROI by bringing a Content Intelligence Platform to their existing martech mix.

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