Build a Stronger Pipeline With Content: Unlock the Power of Sales and Marketing Collaboration
People don't want to talk to sales teams until they're ready to (and maybe never), even in B2B. In fact, Forrester found that 62% percent of B2B customers feel they can make their buying decision based solely on digital content.

Content may make B2B decision makers more self-sufficient throughout the buying process. But sales-enablement content works best when its creation isn't a solo endeavor.

Ideally, sales and marketing teams should work cooperatively at every stage – from strategic planning to tracking, reporting, and optimizing the performance of every effort. Collaboration ensures that content will be appropriately informed, precisely targeted, and built into engaging and compelling experiences.
Unfortunately, sales and marketing alignment is more the exception than the rule.

Download this e-book to learn effective ways to overcome the knowledge gaps, strategic disconnects, and process-related obstacles that prevent these two teams from working well together.

In it, you'll find examples of effective sales enablement content and tips and advice to help you:
  • Clarify goals, individual roles, and shared content responsibilities
  • Break down siloes to unite sales and marketing team efforts and improve cross-team collaboration
  • Adapt processes and workflows to realign these functions to serve the goals of both
  • Tracking/reporting performance and making improvements
Download it today to start creating content that delights your audience and grows your sales pipeline.