Title: Acquire, Engage, Accelerate: How to Create Killer Content for Each Stage of the Buying Journey
Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2020
Time: 2 PM ET/11 AM PT
Duration: 1 Hour

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No two buyer journeys are alike. Therefore, no two content experiences can be alike.

To be successful as a marketing professional today, you need to carefully curate your content for each buyer at each stage of their buying journey.

And to show you how to do just that, we’ve enlisted the help of two marketing pros from Drift, Matilda Miglio (Sr. Marketing Manager) and Sarah Frazier (Sr. Content Marketing Manager).

Join them for this live webinar as they show you how to:

  • Meet your buyers where they are with highly relevant and engaging content
  • Reuse and recycle content across channels and for ABM campaigns
  • Turn your marketing content into a full-fledged money printing machine
  • Measure the impact of specific pieces of content in acquiring, engaging, and accelerating deals
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Matilda Miglio
Sr. Marketing Manager

Matilda Miglio is a Senior Marketing Manager at Drift. She uses her background in Marketing Operations, Demand Gen, and ABM to execute Integrated Campaign Strategies that deliver serious revenue results.

Follow Drift on Twitter @Drift

Sarah Frazier
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Sarah Frazier is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Drift. As a member of the content team, she is responsible for strategizing new offers and creating content for Drift’s integrated marketing campaigns – from books to blogs to webinars to everything in between.

Follow Sarah on Twitter @srhfrazier

Stephanie Stahl
General Manager at Content Marketing Institute

As General Manager of CMI, I lead the brand’s event and digital operations – and get to work with the best team on the planet! Previously, I served as VP of Content Marketing for UBM’s Technology portfolio, providing strategic guidance on content development, content optimization, audience engagement, and go-to-market platforms for our technology clients. I’ve worked for UBM, which is now owned by Informa, for more than two decades, helping shape new multimedia content and event offerings. I live in the Washington, DC area with my husband and we enjoy spending time taking care of our many pets and visiting our two daughters on their college campuses.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @EditorStahl